How it all started

The initial idea for Paspartoet started in 2002 while watching an episode of a dutch home living program. In this episode, a computer edited photo of the children of the family was attached to a wall. This picture inspired us to make an abstract version of our wedding portrait to decorate the bedroom wall of our new home. Where the interior designers in the program used wallpaper, we added a third dimension by cutting out the photo from MDF wood and attaching it onto a backboard. This is how we create depth and shadow effects that change with the growing and diminishing daylight. It always incites enthousiasm among our visitors.

The past years since then we have produced similar portraits for friends and family as a gift for special occasions, like a wedding, birrtday or other special anniversary. We are particularly moved when we have the opportunity to make a special portrait of those who have deceased. For every occasion, we offer a lasting memory.

The name Paspartoet

The name “Paspartoet” is inspired by a “passe-partout” which is the French term for a mat, a paper or, more usually, cardboard sheet with a cutout, which is placed under the glass in a picture frame. A passe-partout serves to frame the image and enhance its visual appeal. The sloping edges of the passe-partout accentuates depth and draws your attention to the portraits. The spelling of Paspartoet contains our last name “Toet” . This is how we emphasise our personal envolvement with every unique portrait. The word “toet” is also a dutch synonym for face.

Paspartoet now and in the future

Through Paspartoet.nl we now offer everyone who is looking for a personal, original and unique gift for the special moments in life, the opportunity to compose an authentic portrait with our collaboration.
Since 2014 we have refined our production techniques and work with laser cutters. We use different materials, like MDF, birch and poplar, and we use a large scala of colors and dyes to fit with your interior. Beside the always custom made portraits, we are presently developing limited edition animal decorations. The particular production technique that gives the unique depth is also used. These products are now available in the webshop. If you have a special request, please let us know thorugh our contact page, and we would love to discuss the possibilities with you.

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