Nadia, Belgium, 2023

We gave the gifts yesterday, they loved it!! Thank you for the good care and the fast service!!!

Truus, Netherlands, 2023

Gift (wooden coasters in the “Achterhoeks” dialect) was appreciated. The colleague said goodbye, but had always had a lot of fun with the pronunciations in the Achterhoeks dialect. She is not from the area herself and said that she sometimes sat in the car practicing pronunciation. In any case, a worthy memento of a great collaboration. Thanks again.

Bibian, Netherlands, 2023

Last Saturday I received the map of the Netherlands in good order and yesterday I opened the box for a quick look. It looks very nice and we are going to give it a nice spot soon. Thanks again for the good and fast service!

Karen, Belgium, 2023

The package with the wooden Europe map has arrived neatly. I’ve already had a peek and it looks really beautiful. I can’t wait to hang it on our wall. We want to add a picture of every country where we have traveled with our family.

Miguel, Netherlands, 2023

I would like to let you know that the gift has been received with love. The birthday girl thinks it’s really beautiful. Nicely detailed and beautiful color. We are going to find a nice place in the house to hang the map. All the best with your business and thanks again for the help!

Marlies, Netherlands, 2023

We had a nice party, and my employer was very happy with the gift. It even made him emotional;-) Really well done! Compliments to you! It gets a nice spot in the store.

Wooden Business Christmas Cards: The Warm Greeting of Wood

Houten kerstkaart 3D kerstboom

Christmas is a time of joy, love, and connection. It is also a period when companies have the opportunity to show their appreciation to customers, partners, and employees. One of the ways companies do this is by sending out Christmas cards. But why choose the traditional paper cards when you can stand out with something unique and durable? In this blog, we’re going to talk about corporate wooden Christmas cards and why they’re an excellent choice for your business.

The Beauty of Business Wooden Christmas Cards

Business Wooden Christmas Card 3D Christmas Tree
Wooden Christmas Card 3D Christmas Tree

Business wooden Christmas cards are a modern twist on an old tradition. They combine the warmth and charm of nature with the elegance of craftsmanship. Here are some reasons why they’re so special:

  1. Uniqueness: A corporate wooden Christmas card immediately stands out among the stack of paper cards that people receive during the holiday season. Its uniqueness attracts attention and leaves a lasting impression.
  2. Sustainability: Wooden Christmas cards are made from sustainable materials, which means they are long-lasting and have less impact on the environment than traditional paper cards. They can also be reused or even kept as keepsakes.
  3. Customizability: Wooden cards can be customized to match your company’s branding. You can add your logo, company colors, and a personal message, making them a powerful marketing tool.
  4. Artisanal look: Wooden Christmas cards exude craftsmanship. They are crafted with care and have an artisanal look that reflects an appreciation for detail and quality, making them perfect for businesses striving for excellence.
  5. Lasting Reminder: Another advantage of corporate wooden Christmas cards is that they make a lasting memory. Instead of ending up in a drawer or trash can, wooden cards are often kept and even displayed. They can serve as a decoration during the holiday season and in some cases, even as an annual tradition. When your business partners or employees pull out the card again the following year, it reminds them of your business and the positive relationship you share. It’s a subtle way to strengthen ties with your business network and keep your business top-of-mind.

Eco-friendliness of wooden Christmas cards

At a time when sustainability and environmental awareness are key, it’s important to think about your company’s carbon footprint. Wooden Christmas cards fit perfectly into this philosophy of eco-friendliness. Here’s why:

  1. Less waste: Unlike paper Christmas cards, wooden cards don’t generate waste. They are biodegradable and do not cause any additional burden on landfills. At a time when sustainability and environmental awareness are becoming increasingly important, corporate wooden Christmas cards are an excellent choice. Wood is a biodegradable material, which means that your cards are not only beautiful, but also environmentally friendly.
  2. Positive brand image: Showing your commitment to the environment can improve your company’s image. Customers and partners appreciate companies that make conscious choices to protect the environment. You can reassure your business partners that the cards are made responsibly and that your company is committed to reducing its carbon footprint. This can not only create goodwill with your current business relationships, but also attract new customers who prefer eco-friendly companies.
  3. PEFC label: the wood we use for our Christmas cards is PEFC certified, which means that the wood comes from sustainably managed forests. In addition, it also meets the E1 standard.

Adaptability and Branding

wooden christmas card 3D reindeer
wooden christmas card 3D reindeer

One of the biggest advantages of corporate wooden Christmas cards is their customizability. You can fully match them to your company’s branding. Here are some ways you can do this:

  1. Company logo: Add your company logo to the card to reinforce your brand. Your logo can be engraved on the card.
  2. Personal message: Write a personal message for your customers, partners and employees. This shows your appreciation and makes the card even more special. One of the biggest advantages of corporate wooden Christmas cards is the ability to add a personal message. While digital cards are quickly forgotten, a handwritten message on a wooden card sticks with the recipient. The fact that you went to the trouble of writing a message by hand shows your genuine appreciation and care for your business relationships. When writing your message, you can use the opportunity to look back on the past year and look ahead to what the next year will bring. You can express your appreciation for the collaboration and the successes that have been achieved. A personal touch in combination with the unique wooden card will certainly be appreciated.
  3. Extra details: Add extra details such as a stamp with your company name on the envelope, a ribbon, or even a wooden ornament. These details make the map even more memorable.

Customizable wooden Christmas cards allow you to convey a powerful message while reinforcing your brand. They offer a unique opportunity to present your business in a way that is unforgettable.

Applications for Business Wooden Christmas Cards

Wooden Christmas Card 3D Snowman
Wooden Christmas Card 3D Snowman

Wooden Christmas cards are versatile and can be used in a variety of ways in business settings. Here are some applications you can think of:

  1. Strengthen customer relationships: Send personalized wooden Christmas cards to your customers to thank them for their support throughout the year. This strengthens relationships and shows your appreciation.
  2. Celebrate partnerships: If you’re partnering with other businesses, send wooden Christmas cards to celebrate and strengthen the collaboration. It shows respect for your partnership.
  3. Appreciating employees: Let your employees know that you appreciate their hard work and dedication by giving them wooden Christmas cards. This contributes to a positive working environment.
  4. Networking and prospects: Use wooden Christmas cards as a way to connect with potential customers and business associates. A well-designed map can attract attention and open doors.

Tips for Sending Business Christmas Cards

Sending business wooden Christmas cards requires some planning and organization. Here are some tips to get you started:

  1. Start early: Start planning and ordering your cards early to make sure you can ship them on time.
  2. Number of cards: Decide how many tickets you need and order on time. It’s a good idea to have extra cards on hand for last-minute shipments.
  3. Collect addresses: Collect the addresses of your customers, partners, and employees well in advance to avoid delays.
  4. Handwritten notes: If you have the time, write handwritten notes on the cards to add a personal touch.
  5. Shipment scheduling: Plan the shipment carefully so that the cards arrive at the right time. Be aware of the crowds at postal services during the holidays.
  6. Follow-up: After sending the cards, consider following up via email or phone to express your appreciation and strengthen relationships.
  7. Outsource: If desired, we can also arrange the shipment of your business Christmas cards for you. Then you don’t have to worry about it at all.


Business wooden Christmas cards offer a unique and eco-friendly way to show your appreciation to customers, partners, and employees during the holiday season. They combine the warmth of wood with the power of adaptability, making them a powerful tool for strengthening your brand image. So, if you’re looking for a way to impress and show your appreciation this year, consider sending out corporate wooden Christmas cards. It’s an investment in relationships that will pay off many times over, not just during the holiday season, but throughout the year.

We have already made several designs for your wooden Christmas cards, which you can send. Think of Christmas cards with a removable wooden Christmas ball or with a self-assembled 3D figure. You can find them here.

Of course, we are also happy to think along with you if you have your own idea for a design. Feel free to contact us and we will be happy to help you!

Luca, Netherlands, 2023

Excellent company!

Very fast and comprehensive response to emails. The world map was quickly and beautifully photoshopped into photos provided by me. This way I was able to determine the dimensions and color. The world map and accessories are carefully packaged and shipped. Even after placing the order, there is still a quick and adequate response. They want really satisfied customers and go the extra mile.

Here’s a super happy customer!

Jeffrey, Netherlands, 2023

Wonderful. Don’t regret it. I have had this in mind for 3 years. I added a picture with my teak cabinet. It’s a match. Thank you for your mail and service.

Robin, Netherlands, 2023

What can you give someone who has owned a great company for 30 years? Well this ! Paspartoet has made a fantastically beautiful and original work for us. It couldn’t have worked out better. They listened to our wishes and delivered on time. It is even more beautiful than expected. Thank you.

Miranda, Netherlands, 2023

Super nicely done, what a cool gift to give. They are super happy with it. It excels beautifully at our office. Thank you so much for the fast service.

Jaco, Netherlands, 2023

Had nice contact, excellent product, easy assembly by simple manual. Super happy with the end result. Thanks again!

Jacodien, Netherlands, Netherlands 2023

We received the wooden logo on Friday. Absolutely perfect and right on time!! That’s how we were able to really surprise Ronny on Saturday. He was absolutely happy with it! This one will be in a nice spot in his office. We would like to thank you very much for the fast and pleasant service. Absolutely great!!

Ellen, Netherlands, 2023

I received the wooden portrait, very beautiful! I think they are very happy with this. Thank you so much for the beautiful portrait and thinking with us. Wonderful!

Joeri, Belgium, 2023

Our map of Europe in magnetic silver has arrived well. We have packed it up again because we are moving to our new apartment in July and there it is going to hit the wall. We will send you a picture of the end result;-) .

Kees, Netherlands, 2023

The package was delivered properly and on time. The world map looks beautiful and is now hanging on the wall. Looks brilliant, thank you very much.

Hans, Netherlands, 2023

Thank you for the beautiful map of the world and the card you have included. I am very happy with it!

Jos, Netherlands, 2023

We did indeed receive the world map in good order in April. We couldn’t hang it up right away because we were still working on the room. In the meantime everything is ready and the new map is in place. Attached is a small impression.

Ying, Netherlands, 2023

We are very happy with our world map. Our wall is finally finished! Thank you for the fast delivery and good service.

Annemarie, Netherlands, 2023

We had a great party. Here is the photo of it hanging on the wall at our office. It turned out very nice. Thank you again for that.

Wendy, Netherlands, 2023

What a beautiful map of the world it has become. We are very happy with it!! I give a big thumbs up to service and communication!! The think along with you when you send a photo of the wall where it will hang. They send you various options and you will certainly get a choice from them.

Hilde, Netherlands, 2023

We received the gift in good order. It looks so beautiful. We have received many positive reactions. You have made this with a tremendous amount of accuracy. Thanks!

Peter, Netherlands, 2023

Clear instructions on how to hang it on the wall. Good help in choosing a size. The “aftercare” is also top notch. The result is very nice, we are very satisfied.

Joyce, Netherlands, 2023

We think it’s very beautiful! The management is very happy with the beautiful gift! The anniversary party was a lot of fun on the ss Rotterdam. I have attached the photo of the painting how it hangs in our building.

Marco, Netherlands, 2023

We certainly had a nice party and the owners were very happy with their gift. Looks really great. All in all, superbly arranged and in the end just on time. Thanks again for all the service.

Nathalie, Netherlands, 2023

You were very fast, good in consultation and very customer-friendly! The delivery was satisfactory, well packaged and arrived in one piece. It was a great pleasure to give, was received with many thanks and had many beautiful reactions. In other words….. Very successful! Thanks again!

Sandra, Germany, 2023

Eine sehr schöne Wanddekoration! Sieh richtig gut aus, vor allem auch wegen dem Schattenwurf, der durch die Abstandshalter erzeugt wird. Die Weltkarte ist gut verpackt und schnell geliefert worden. Die Montage an die Wand war dank der Schablone problemlos. Sehr gut gefallen hat uns, dass man die Kontinente andübeln konnte, da Ankleben bei unserem Lehmputz nicht gehalten hätte. Alle Erwartungen erfüllt!!

Duarte, Portugal, January 2022

The world map is beautiful! Thank you for your care. I wonder if you send an extra paper map, if I would like to move it to another wall or another house in the future, because it is a decoration to keep. Thank you so much.

Philine and Marcel, The Netherlands, January 2022

He absolutely loved it, of course he never expected this gift, and he is very happy with it. It now has a nice place in his study and will soon go to his own workspace. Thank you so much for making this beautiful gift.

Anne-Marie, Netherlands, January 2022

We received the skyline in good order and are very happy with the result! Very nicely done and in the excellent packaging, the skyline was delivered to us without damage. It has been given a nice spot on our wall. Thank you again for your good service!

Conchita, The Netherlands, June 2022

We received the portrait in good order and it looks beautiful! Really beautiful!! The gift was the icing on the cake of a very successful staff outing. The gentlemen were surprised and liked the portrait very much! Thanks again and maybe see you next time!

Sanne, The Netherlands, March 2022

We gave the wooden portrait as a gift yesterday, everyone was in tears haha. They all loved it! Thank you so much for thinking along with us, the service and the personal communication!

Yvonne, The Netherlands, April 2022

I’d let you know what the men thought of it. Well, they loved the portrait and it gets a place of honor in the company! Thanks again for the good service.

Hanneke, The Netherlands, February 2022

The map of the world has arrived well. It looks fine, it isn’t placed yet, because I haven’t had time for this yet and of course I want to do it right.

Stan, The Netherlands, March 2022

Yes yes the map is up!! We traced the borders with uni posca markers, otherwise you wouldn’t see the borders on the map (letters of the country names are thinner and therefore not suitable for tracing in white color). But all in all, it looks pretty fantastic, right?

Shylina, Netherlands, May 2022

Package has arrived and it has become really beautiful! Thank you so much. He thought it was a very nice gift. Other guests immediately asked where I got it from so they could see for themselves what you are doing.

Hatice, Belgium, November 2022

Wow, super beautiful! I wanted to thank you again for the portrait. Everyone loved it! You guys are definitely recommended.

Laurens, The Netherlands, September 2022

Received the portrait in good order this afternoon. It had, as you told me by phone, turned out beautifully, indeed nothing short of magnificent. Also nice that you included a personal card. The portrait is going to make another trip because the bride and groom live in Slovenia. Maybe you will also get assignments from Slovenia.

Janine, Netherlands, July 2022

We have received the world map in good order! It’s for my mother, it’s her birthday tomorrow. How well packaged and how beautiful it has become! Thank you!

Tanja, Germany, October 2022

Ich habe die Karte erhalten, sie ist sehr schön und war auch gut verpackt. Momentan bin ich dabei sie mit Pins von unseren Urlauben zu versehen und werde sie meinem Mann zum Hochzeitstag schenken. Wenn die Karte an der Wand hängt schicke ich ihnen gerne ein Bild.

Debby, The Netherlands, July 2022

My partner thought it was a nice and original gift idea. It gets a nice spot in our house. The contrast works very well and it has become a beautiful combination.

Remco, The Netherlands, November 2022

Thanks for the prompt delivery of the world map. Everything arrived well. As you can see in the attachment, it’s already hanging. Thanks again for the good service

Yvonne, The Netherlands, August 2022

Ordered the Spa racetrack for my daughter and her boyfriend. It was a great success. They were very excited! Thank you, so nice to give something original.

Paul, The Netherlands, November 2022

As you can see, the XXL World Map hangs in its place in the living room. What an eye-catcher and the proportions are right. I am very happy with it! Thanks for the advice on the right size and the impression of what it can look like. Package very neatly and carefully packed so that no damage has been incurred. When I want something special as a gift for a special person in the future, I will think of you. Thank you very much!

Nan, The Netherlands, November 2022

The portrait has just been handed over and they are very enthusiastic. They had never seen anything like it. The colours also fit perfectly into the interior. So, in short, a success. Thank you for all your effort and support. It looks fantastic.

Sabine, The Netherlands, December 2022

De kerstballen met hart, klok en ster erin die ik bij Paspartoet besteld heb en die ik intussen aan familie en vrienden gegeven heb vallen erg in de smaak!
En zelf zijn we natuurlijk ook blij met de ballen die hier in de kerstboom hangen 🎄😀

Barbara, The Netherlands, January 2022

It just arrived and we are super happy with it! The map parts were neatly packed in a frame when it was delivered and it will eventually be placed this week. Thank you so much for the great service, we are really happy with your flexibility. This probably won’t be the last map I’ll give as a gift 😊

Caroline, Netherlands, January 2022

The concierge was very happy with it and was visibly moved! All colleagues also thought it was a wonderful gift! The skyline has been given a nice place in his living room! 👌😁Thank you for everything!

Original gift for an anniversary at work

Do you have a colleague who will soon be celebrating an anniversary because he or she has been with the company for so many years? Or do you, as colleagues, want to congratulate the owners of your company on their anniversary? And are you looking for a personal and original gift? Then you’ve come to the right place!

Work Anniversary Gift

What exactly is an anniversary? Wikipedia states: “an anniversary is a festive commemoration of an event, such as … employment in a company or the formation of an association or business which has been established for a certain period of time’.

Many companies surprise their employees when they have been employed for 25 or 40 years. You probably know the gold watch, a cheque and a bunch of flowers as an extra.

Perhaps that seems like something from earlier times. Nowadays, the job market has become much more flexible. It is much more common for people to move on to a new environment and possibly a different position over time. More and more people also have a flexible job. Research by Statistics Netherlands shows that on average one in three employees has been working for the same employer for ten years or more. This differs per sector, with the government usually taking the longest.

Original gift for an anniversary at work

With an increasingly tight labor market, companies that can offer their employees something extra in various areas have an advantage. For example, there are companies that are already celebrating an anniversary with a five-year employment contract. That’s definitely a good idea if you have a young workforce. Of course, you can transfer your employees an extra amount of money on top of their salary. There is a chance that it will be added to the general expanses wallet.

If you still want to make it a special moment, that someone will remember for a long time, come up with something original. Or, for example, ask your employees to come up with a nice idea that they think is very special and then make money available for it. Maybe someone has always wanted to make a special trip, do a special photo shoot or go skydiving? If you make that possible for your employee, you really give someone an unforgettable gift!

Company anniversary gift

In addition to celebrating employee anniversaries, you can also celebrate the organization’s anniversary. Some companies have been around for many tens or even hundreds of years. But even if your company has only been around for five years (think of start-ups, for example), you as colleagues can surprise your management or owner with a personal gift.

Gift from employees

A good example is the gift of all employees that we made for the 25th anniversary of the company Triview.

Present for 25th aniversary of company

The thirty or so employees wanted to surprise the owners of the Triview company with a truly personal gift. They thought of a 3D plaque for the wall with the faces of the two directors on it and a special text on the occasion of the anniversary.

We did some brainstorming and thought it would be nice to incorporate the company’s logo instead of a square or rectangular plaque.

This is how we ended up with a more triangular final design. We then started working with the photos we received from the two directors and made two portrait designs of them. We cut the faces from 6 mm thick wood with our laser machine.

The employees also wanted to add a text to the anniversary gift. To do this, we used the font of Triview’s corporate identity. Very nice for recognizability. We engraved the text in the wooden edge of the logo, which we made from 9 mm thick wood.

The numbers for the years under the faces are cut from wood of 6 mm thickness. Due to the different thicknesses of the wood, the faces and the two years lie in the logo, as it were. That gives a very nice depth effect.

The two colours used “light oak” and “rosewood” fit very well into the interior of the business premises. After discussing where the plaque would hang and the space there is for something on the wall, we came up with the size of 50 cm high and 50 cm wide.

See the end result here:

Anniversary gift 25 years of business

The gift from the employees was a very big surprise for the two owners: “Very cool! Very, very beautiful”. They were very happy with it. A wonderful personal gift for this special moment.

Gift 100th anniversary family business

The employees of construction company Roelofs & Haase were looking for a unique gift for the management on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the family business. On our website they had found a nice example of the Triview portrait and they were curious if we could make an broad version for them. The intention was to display the four generations in black and gold, so that the portrait matches the interior of the company.

We started making some designs of the gift. In mutual consultation, we have come to a wonderful end result. The four generations are depicted on it. Underneath the portraits, we engraved the names of all the board members and then executed them in gold. The specially designed logo on the occasion of the 100th anniversary has also been given a place on the portrait.

The wooden portrait is 110 cm wide and 35 cm high and comes in black and gold.

We received this reaction after the staff party where the portrait was handed over to the current director: “How incredibly cool!! We are very happy with it. Great work! Attached a few photos and a video of our anniversary gift, they were very happy with it! Thanks again!! “

The portrait has been given a nice place in the business premises of Roelofs & Haase. WE hope they will enjoy it for many years to come and when the next generation is at the helm in 25 years’ time, we would love to hear from you again for an update of the family portrait!

3D Logo company on the wall

Another great anniversary gift idea is to have your company’s logo carved out of wood in 3D. For example, hang the logo at the reception of your company or as a beautiful wall decoration in your office (garden).

To give you an idea of how it works, we have also carved our own logo out of wood. Below you can see our logo. We use this online on our own website, other sales channels and all our social media channels. And in the print version on cards, leaflets and of course our stationery.

We edited our logo in the digital drawing program for our laser machine. Then we started cutting the letters out of 9 mm thick wood. We cut out the white “P” and the white mount separately to create more depth in our logo. We attached these two parts to the orange-colored panel. This is a total of 18 mm thick.

3D logo on the wall

To approximate the original colors of our logo, we used three stain colors from our color palette, namely blackwash, whitewash and teak. Pretty successful, if we do say so ourselves! And to make it easy to hang the wooden logo on the wall, we have attached all parts to a white panel.

Your logo in 3D on the wall

If you would also like to have your logo carved out of wood, please send us your logo directly by email or contact us . We are happy to discuss your wishes and the possibilities with you.

You can choose from wood with all the colors of stain that you will find on our color palette. If you prefer to have it made in other colors, we can also use paint. The difference in the use of stain or paint is mainly in the visibility of the wood grains. You will always see these grains with stain and they usually disappear under paint. As a result, wood with stain always looks a bit more natural than wood with paint.

We can attach your logo to a wooden backplate, but if you prefer to put the individual parts directly on the wall, that is of course also possible. You can attach these parts directly to the wall using double-sided tape or mounting sealant/mounting adhesive. You’ll get a template included, so you know exactly where to attach which part to the wall. That is very easy to do.

Just take a look at these examples for inspiration. For example, we made the logo of WeKnowtice as a gift for their five-year anniversary. This is equipped with a stand, so that it can be placed on a cabinet.

And for the 100th anniversary of Timmerfabriek de Jong , we made this beautiful wooden gift from their logo.

Icons for the wall

In addition to your logo, you can also think of other distinctive symbols of your company.

A global distributor of life science ingredients, specializing in food, pharmaceuticals, personal care and pet nutrition, asked us to carve the four icons of their product groups out of wood. They wanted to hang them near the elevators, so that everyone who comes out of the elevator immediately sees these recognizable icons.

We received the bar below that they can find on their website.

In this bar, the icons are shown in white. Because they were also going to be placed on a white wall, we proposed to make them in the colors of the beam. It was a joint search for the right colors of paint, but we succeeded.

On the back of the four icons, we placed spacers to make the whole thing stand off the wall and create a floating effect. See the end result here.

icons on the wall

We received this response: “Everyone loves the icons! Thanks for a great job!”.

In-house design based on the company’s products

Of course, we can also create a custom design for you that completely suits your company and your products.

For the 30th anniversary of a Kärcher dealer who sells, rents, maintains and installs all kinds of cleaning systems, the employees wanted to offer the owners a special keepsake. They asked us to help them come up with an original gift for the wall in the company building. They themselves thought of the building, something with the products or the buses.

We received the logo designed especially for the company’s 30th anniversary and studied their website and product line. After some brainstorming together, we came up with the following design for their anniversary gift.

gift anniversary company

The base is a silhouette of a pressure washer made of rustic oak. We have engraved a photo of the company building with some parked company cars. We cut the specially designed logo for the 30th anniversary from rosewood and attached it to the pressure washer. Reaction after receipt: “Really beautiful!”.

Got excited?

Would you also like to have a personal portrait made as a gift for your company’s anniversary? Here you will find all the information about creatng a custom portrait. And here you will find many more examples (click on Company anniversary).

If you would like to brainstorm with us about your options, please feel free to contact us. We are happy to help you!

Dorota, Poland, March 2021

This world map looks fantastic, much better than on the picture. Thank you for making it in white for me! Totally love it ❤️

Orhan, Germany, March 2021

Super Verarbeitung!! Preis-Leistungs-Verhältnis passt. Kann ich empfehlen. (5 star review on Etsy.com)

Julien, France, October 2020

I finished the installation of the world map. My wife and me are verry happy with the result ! Like I told you, I’m sending you some pictures to let you see the result. The more difficult was to work at 3m up the floor and up the stairs. Thank you very much for your work.

Karen, Australia, September 2020

Direct review: I have received it and its lovely. Thank you. It is exactly what I wanted. Cheers. And a 5 star review on Etsy: “Awesome!! Looks so amazing. Arrived promptly in the mail. Good communication from Bianca about when it was posted etc.”

Charlotte, England, August 2020

It all arrived and much faster than I thought it would too! I absolutely love it thank you so much!! I would do a review with a photo but the photo just doesn’t do it justice at all. Thanks again!

Gayle, Australia, July 2020

The service is fantastic but being in Australia hasn’t helped with distribution (corona delay). Did I tell you I saw one of your maps in a “Grand Designs” program with Kevin McCleod? He also made comment on it. Thank you so much for your excellent work. The parcel arrived in excellent condition and I’m sure my daughter will be thrilled with your work.

Winter, USA, May 2020

Love love love! It’s just what we wanted and was easier than we thought to install!!

Jacky, France, April 2020

The map arrived today in good condition & is absolutely lovely! The additional touch of the house symbol & personalization is wonderful, we love it!!! We looking forward to sharing the map with our family on our next visit south. I’m sure they will enjoy it as much as we do. 😊 All my best wishes, & looking forward to future purchases.

Joshua, United Kingdom, April 2020

Hope you are keeping well in the current situation. I just wanted to share some photos of the islands you made now we’ve hung them on the wall. Thanks again I forgot how stunning they are!

Melanie, Oostenrijk, maart 2020

Vielen Vielen Dank für die wunderschöne Weltkarte. Wir lieben sie und werden sie bald in unserer neuen Küche montieren. Liebe Grüße

Joachim, Germany, March 2020

I like it, everybody likes it. To fix it at the wall was not a nightmare but it was quite difficult I have to say and I lost Taiwan behind the bed.

Wilton, France, January 2020

Oui, j’ai bien reçu “en bon état” le tigre, il est tout à fait conforme à ce que je voulais ; j’ai juste rajouté un petit encadrement de couleur marron foncé pour lui donner un aspect plus fini.

Sanna, Finland, November 2019

Thanks, I really like it. It was a little bit difficult to build but now it’s ready.
My designer saw this world map first time and she loves it. I promise that she can take pics from my wall and tell about your company.

Heidi, USA, October 2019

Very friendly and helpful! Timely service and great product. Thanks for a great hubby birthday gift ?

Kasia, USA, October 2019

We love it! Still have some work to do with the decoration around it, but it’s the perfect piece for that wet bar and walkway! Thank you!!!

Joshua and Jenna, Scotland, June 2019

We have just received the islands and I don’t think I can put into words just how much I love them. They are absolutely beautiful. I can’t thank you enough for them. Thank you so much! Our (wedding) photographer took a photo of each of the islands. I’ve attached these for you, feel free to share away they were so lovely it would be shame for no one to see them. Thanks again for making them. We can’t wait to mount them on our living room wall now.

Helen, Australia, June 2019

Our map has arrived and it looks brilliant. I had a quick look in the box, but haven’t fully unpacked it yet. It is a gift for my husband and he was very pleased with it. Now we just have to get it up on the wall successfully. I can’t wait for that to happen. Thank you for this memorable gift!

Michelle, USA, January 2019

The map is absolutely gorgeous! The template to get it on the wall was well done. We did have to sand the openings for the spacers on a couple of them so they didn’t fit quite so tightly. We received it earlier than the anticipated arrival date as well. Great company to work with!

Désirée, Australia, December 2018

Yes, I have received it but have not hung it up as yet. I will endeavour to do it soon and hope it will work well. The pieces look great. Done it….. and it looks great. I used the strongest double sided tape we have here – and I hope this will last. First I glued the spacers on the land pieces. And then I took double sided tape (not the foam one for mirrors but an indoor and outdoor one that is like a double sided duct tape). So far so good.

Daniel, Bulgaria, November 2018

You will see the map mounted. It was easy with the templates provided. Once again thank you, we love it. When we need something more, we will get back to you.

Frances, England, October 2018

We absolutely love it. Many people ask where we have got it from so have been passing on your details. We put little coloured stickers on to represent the countries we have visited. Helps plan our next adventures. It looks amazing on our wall. Thank you

Katie, USA, September 2018

Thanks for checking in! We received it and it looks wonderful. I’m anxious to get it up so we can enjoy it and so that others can see it!

Vanessa, Portugal, augustus 2018

Perfect. Great quality. Wood is great, shipped and packaged with a lot of care and with all the instructions to put it right on the wall. The instructions were clear and easy. Really happy

Sandra, France, August 2018

We received the world map a month ago. We love it!!! It seems so good in a black wall in the living room.

Debbie, USA, August 2018

The map is beautiful and I appreciate the customization. I can’t wait to hang it in our family room. It will be a fun yet dramatic wall decoration. Here is the map on our wall. Looks amazing!

Tia, England, July 2018

Thank you so much for the magnetic world map, it arrived today and looks great! We can’t wait to put it on the wall 😊

Jania, USA, July 2018

@paspartoet.nl 3D Map is finally up! Can you see how happy it makes me?! 🤗 #world #traveldreams #travel #map Thanks for helping love!

Virginie, Canada, June 2018

We have received the map this week. All the pieces are in good condition and it seems just perfect 🙂 I am looking forward to install it on the wall this weekend! Thank you very much.

Gokhan, Duitsland, juni 2018

We have received the World map and fixed it onto our wall. There were no problems in delivery and installation. We fixed it onto our wall with adhesive tape and so far it has worked well. It looks great and we like it. Thank you for the follow up.

John, USA, June 2018

We hung the map on the wall at our church and it looks great. We have had many positive comments about it. I have attached a photo of the finished work. Thank you for all of your help on making this project a wonderful addition in our church.

Taree, Canada, May 2018

We received the map and it is just what we hoped for. It arrived in excellent condition and it is the perfect feature for our office entrance. I have attached a photo for you.

Roby, Luxembourg, April 2018

Our map arrived this morning, everthing worked well. Perfect service, thank you very much for your support all the way long. I have attached some pictures. Now we can start to explore the world ?

Austin, USA, April 2018

We received the XL World Map this last Friday in the mail. It is amazing! No damages during shipping. We are installing today.
Thanks so much for processing the order. We love it!

Domonique, USA, March 2018

We received the map. It was very well cut and it looks beautiful on our wall. We attached an LED lighting system behind it, so it looks absolutely amazing. Thank you so much! Attached is a picture with a couple different color light settings for the map.

Alison, USA, March 2018

I received my map in perfect condition. It was sooo beautiful. My client loved it so very much. Thank you!! I’ll order from you again.

Jim, Australia, January 2018

Beautifully constructed world map. Delivered within a very reasonable timeframe ( considering the length of the world it travelled to us ) with fantastic follow up and lovely note from its creator, contained within the parcel. Map takes pride of place on our living room wall.

Tiziana and Angelos, Germany, January 2018

Finally we had the time to put the map on the wall. Now we send you some new sample pictures for your websites. The colour is great.
Thank you very much for your kind contact.

Manon, France, December 2017

I just received the map, it is wonderful! I can’t wait to see it on the wall! Thank you so much, a great Christmas present 😉

Bridget, USA, November 2017

Ordered the rosewood stained XL map. It looks amazing on our wall. Be careful to put the wall mount pieces exactly in the center of their marks or it won’t fit. One of the euroasia mounts is slightly off so it doesnt sit perfectly but you can’t tell and still holding up well. We’re very very happy with it. It’s wonderful. Met all of our expectations. Thank you!

Fiona, England, October 2017

I did receive it, and it’s exactly as I wanted. I finally got it up last week and am really pleased with how it looks – please see attached image. Many thanks.

Achim, Germany, September 2017

Thank you very much for your quick delivery. We really do like the wooden map – it’s perfect. Attached please find a photo of the wooden map at our offices. We like it very much !!

Emily, USA, September 2017

We received the world map a week or two ago, and it looks great! We’ve haven’t had time to install it (so I may have a question or two then), but other than that, I think it looks perfect.Thanks for your work!

Gundel, Germany, September 2017

The map has arrived on time to decorate our new office with this for the launch party.
It was a bit of a hassle to bring it to the wall, but now that it´s on it looks GREAT!
Thanks so much!

Paul, USA, September 2017

We received the piece, followed the instructions, and were very pleased with the results. Thank you for making this (giraffe), and for the follow-up!

Dominik, Germany, August 2017

The world map just arrived and looks fantastic 🙂 Thanks for the quick production and the excellent customer service.

Ricardo, Portugal, August 2017

We well received the map, it’s really beautiful. We attached the photo of the map in our lounge, the OMNI Handling VIP Lounge at Lisbon International Airport. Thank you again for the great work.

Sol & Pelle, Denmark, August 2017

The parcel has arrived and everything is in order. The map is now hanging neatly on our wall :).
Must say that we were pleasantly surprised to find that even screws and rawplugs were included in the package. Nice touch!

Cédric, Belgium, August 2017

Product exactly as described. Very well manifactured. SUPERB communication and excellent shipping. Would definitely recommend! Thanks again!

Nina, Germany, July 2017

We are very happy with the map and it looks great. Here you have the pictures of the end result, the beautiful worldmap 🙂
Thanks again!

Gaylene, United States, May 2017

We FINALLY got our wall done. I have received so many compliments and by far it is my favorite wall throughout our whole church building.

Anna and Joao, Switzerland, April 2017

We received our map even faster than we expected. Thank you for that! It took some time for us to put it on the wall but in the end the result was amazing. It perfectly fit in our living room. As a proof I attache a picture of it. Thank you for it!

Bernhard, Austria, April 2017

Today we received the worldmap. It looks awesome. Thank you soooo much!! And thank you for the nice card.
We installed it on a backpanel with led-lights. The world map is really great!! We love it.

Océane, France, March 2017

The wood map is fabulous! It looks perfect in my parisian flat, and everyone loves it. The quality of the map is very good, and it is actually quite easy to put on the wall. Thanks a lot Bianca for all your advices, and for being so helpful and friendly.

Yan, USA, March 2017

I did receive the XXL world map and it looks amazing. See pic attached. Thanks again for the excellent work! Looks great in my office. Great focal point for an office!

Amy, Canada, March 2017

We have received the map and it is hanging in the living room. We are very pleased with it 🙂 Thank you

Leda, USA, March 2017

It came out perfectly! It’s beautiful and we have received so many wonderful comments from everyone. Thank you very much! We love it!

Natalie, Netherlands, April 2017

Looks great and excellent service and communication throughout. Here the final pictures. I’m really happy with the result and the effect of the light. Thanks so much for the beautiful product and good service.

Gerald, Austria, March 2017

The world map has arrived uninjured with me. She is beautiful and we will surely have lots of fun with it, thank you.

Jana, Germany, February 2017

Wow, thank you for the fast delivery. That is great. The map is wonderful. I will send you the picture in March. The Birthday-boy will install the LEDs himself. I was worried that the card was too big, but it is all perfect. There would be even enough space for a larger map.
I’m totally happy about the gift and hope the birthday boy will also find good the map.Thank you for all.

Krystal, USA, February 2017

My husband and I fell in love with this map as soon as we both had seen it! Bianca made the process so easy and because of other reviews I trusted her judgement on what would look best. I sent a picture of our foyer and we were provided mock ups regarding sizing, borders or no borders; we went with the color suggested. We were kept informed every step of the way. So happy we would thank you to create such a beauty for our home. Thank you for making it so easy! My in-laws have been over since it was hung and absolutely LOVED the map. Thank you again for making this process so easy and for making such a beautiful product!

Coco, Canada, February 2017

I installed the map – the map looks good! The overall installation is easy, but the smaller pieces, #1, 2 and 4 are harder to fix them on wall. It took longer to install for the smaller pieces. Thank you!

Xavier, Spain, January 2017

The worldmap is perfect for our kitchen wall 🙂 it’s so beautifull!!!!! Look the photos attached 🙂
Now we are waiting for a professional photgrapher…we will send you his photographs too.
Thank you very much!!!!

Cheryl, USA, December 2016

I wanted to send you a picture of our map. It’s the gray wash with boarders that you recently sent to the USA. Hanging it was a fun family project on a snowy weekend. It looks fantastic and really adds some interest to the office. Thank you for all of your attention to detail and providing us with such a great piece of art.

Pauli, Finland, December 2016

Ordered the item with dark oak background and rosewood maps. It looks very nice! As a bonus the piece of wood where the maps had been cut from was also included. Excellent customer service and quick communication. Highly recommended.

Lauren, USA, November 2016

The map is beautiful. Because we hope to transport it to our next home as well, we did not use the screw mount for the larger pieces, which left us with a very difficult time getting the pieces to stick. Finally, after a few days and hours, it wasn’t construction adhesive, but Krazy Glue & Gorilla Glue that did the trick. It fits the space perfect & is the talking point of our living room. EVERYONE has commented on it! Thanks so much for making our home much homier 🙂

Jacopo, Italy, November 2016

I send you the pictures of the world map finally placed! I really like it! Thank you again for all the support! Maybe we’ll keep again in touch! Ciao!

Nadège, France, September 2016

Un achat parfait, pour l’anniversaire de mon mari! lui qui cherchait une carte du monde pas comme les autres, le voilà ravi! Bianca est vraiment très sympa, à l’écoute de nos attentes et besoins. Elle se rend très disponible, et cela fait beaucoup de bien, de contaster qu’elle aide et conseille! Le travail reçu est très professionnel, extrèmement précis et bien fait! la colis, l’emballage: RIEN A DIRE, parfait! encore merci pour tout!

Jacqui, United Kingdom, July 2016

Yes it looks great. We had a little trouble with Australia……as it was a larger piece we felt it needed two spacers instead of one but other than that we were very happy with the end result. Many thanks.

Paeton, USA, July 2016

We did receive the map and it is everything we expected! Thank you so much for everything. We could not be happier.

Barbara, Austria, June 2016

Just amazing map! Very professional wooden map! You can choose your favorite wood and size too. Map is packed very good. Support is very friendly and helpful! Would buy it again! :-))

New in the webshop: tiger

New in the webshop: a real eye-catcher for on the wall. The intense glance of this tiger is almost mesmorizing. The tiger is made from poplar wood of 6 mm thickness and has been varnished in a light oak colour to mimic its natural color. The hardwood background is has a varnish of rosewood. 

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