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The most beautiful wooden gift

Do you really want to surprise someone with a unique, very personal and unforgettable wooden gift? Then give him or her an original wooden portrait! It is a wonderful gift for, for example, a special birthday or for a bridal couple or (wedding) anniversary. Surprise grandfathers and grandmothers (who often say that they already have everything) with a portrait of the whole family or the grandchildren. Below you can read more information about ordering your wooden portrait.

Choose your most beautiful photo

We make the design for your portrait based on photos provided by you. The sharper the supplied photo, the better the result will be. Make sure that the entire face in the photo is clearly visible and that there is not too much shadow on the face, for example due to sunlight from the side or from behind. Another tip: the bigger the face in the photo, the better the end result. So rather a close up than a photo in which the face is only a small part of the total picture.

The larger the digital file is (i.e. the more MBs it consists of) the better the end result will be. Know that on social media photos are often very much reduced. Then see if you can find the original photo. And if, for example, you only have a printed photo, see if you can scan it and save it with as many pixels as possible. It is also always possible to send the photo to us, so that we can scan it for you. The original photo will of course be returned to you.

Upload photo file or send your photo by email

Via “request a quote” below you can upload your photo for the wooden gift. You can also upload multiple photos. We will then look at which one is most suitable for designing your wooden portrait.

You fill in the size, format and finish you want. We always use two colors for a wooden portrait; a dark one for the backplate and a light one for the faces. On our color palette you can see the options. If your color is not included, please let us know. We can always see what else is possible. For example, if you prefer a black version with golden faces, that is always possible.

We will then assess the photos for suitability and contact you to discuss your wishes further. You will then receive a quote from us.

You can also send the photo(s) by email. Here you will find our email address and other contact details. In the email you can also indicate your wishes. If you have any questions about the size and execution, you can of course also put that in your email. Or call us first if you have any questions. We are happy to help you!

After agreeing on the offer

If you agree to the offer and we have received your deposit (25%) We’ll get started on your order right away. We will create your portrait to your fullest satisfaction.

When the design of your wooden gift is ready

Once the design is finished, you will receive a digital copy by email. You can then indicate whether the design is as desired. We can still make any adjustments for you.
If you agree with the design, we will make the portrait. As soon as it is finished, we will send you a photo by email.
Only when you are completely satisfied, we are also and then you transfer the remainder to us. We will then send you the portrait.

The portrait received

We will send the portrait to you with double sided tape or a wooden stand. On average, it takes three to four weeks before you have the portrait at home. If you want it faster, please contact us. Then we look at the possibilities together. We always do our best to take special data into account and if there is enough space in our planning, we can see if we can deliver faster if necessary.

Price indication for your wooden gift

Because all portraits are commissioned according to your wishes, the price of the portrait is always tailor-made. Nevertheless, we would like to give you a price indication for your wooden gift, so that you get an idea of the costs. An individual portrait of approximately 25 by 30 cm is already available from € 159, – including VAT. Group portraits of, for example, 50 by 60 cm of two people are available from € 279, – including VAT. In the quotation we state the price of your request.

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