We disign your portrait using photos that you provide us with. The more detailed the provided photographs are, the better the result will be. Please be sure that the whole face is completely visible and that there is not too much shadow obscuring it, for example throught sunlight from the side.

Uploading photo file

when filling out the offer request you can upload your photos. You can upload several photos at once in different file types. You can then fill in the desired size, style and finish.

We will then pick out the best suitable photograph and contact you personally to discuss your wishes further.

After that you will receive an offer from us.

After agreement on price

After you agree on the price and we have received your advance payment (25%), we will immediately start working on your assignment. We are committed to making your portrait completely to your wishes.

When the concept is finished

As soon as we have completed the concept version digitally, we will send it to you by email. You can then indicate whether the concept is to your wishes. We can still make changes then.

When you approve of the concept, we will start creating the portait. When it is finished, we will send you a photo by email. Only when you are completely satified, we will be too, and after we have received the remaining payment, we will send you the portrait by mail.

Receiving the portrait

We send you the the portrait with fixing tape attached, or with a stand. In average is will take three to four weeks before you receive the protrait.

Price indication

Because all portaits are custom made to your desire, the price of the portrait is also dependant on your wishes. We would however like to give you an indication of prices to give you an idea what the costs can be. An individual portrait of about 25 by 30 cm (10 by 12 inches) can be purchased from € 129,- including VAT. Group portraits of 50 by 60 cm (20 by 24 inches) of two persons are available from only € 249,- including VAT. The price of your request will be mentioned in the offer.