Original gift for an anniversary at work

Do you have a colleague who will soon be celebrating an anniversary because he or she has been with the company for so many years? Or do you, as colleagues, want to congratulate the owners of your company on their anniversary? And are you looking for a personal and original gift? Then you’ve come to the right place!

Work Anniversary Gift

What exactly is an anniversary? Wikipedia states: “an anniversary is a festive commemoration of an event, such as … employment in a company or the formation of an association or business which has been established for a certain period of time’.

Many companies surprise their employees when they have been employed for 25 or 40 years. You probably know the gold watch, a cheque and a bunch of flowers as an extra.

Perhaps that seems like something from earlier times. Nowadays, the job market has become much more flexible. It is much more common for people to move on to a new environment and possibly a different position over time. More and more people also have a flexible job. Research by Statistics Netherlands shows that on average one in three employees has been working for the same employer for ten years or more. This differs per sector, with the government usually taking the longest.

Original gift for an anniversary at work

With an increasingly tight labor market, companies that can offer their employees something extra in various areas have an advantage. For example, there are companies that are already celebrating an anniversary with a five-year employment contract. That’s definitely a good idea if you have a young workforce. Of course, you can transfer your employees an extra amount of money on top of their salary. There is a chance that it will be added to the general expanses wallet.

If you still want to make it a special moment, that someone will remember for a long time, come up with something original. Or, for example, ask your employees to come up with a nice idea that they think is very special and then make money available for it. Maybe someone has always wanted to make a special trip, do a special photo shoot or go skydiving? If you make that possible for your employee, you really give someone an unforgettable gift!

Company anniversary gift

In addition to celebrating employee anniversaries, you can also celebrate the organization’s anniversary. Some companies have been around for many tens or even hundreds of years. But even if your company has only been around for five years (think of start-ups, for example), you as colleagues can surprise your management or owner with a personal gift.

Gift from employees

A good example is the gift of all employees that we made for the 25th anniversary of the company Triview.

Present for 25th aniversary of company

The thirty or so employees wanted to surprise the owners of the Triview company with a truly personal gift. They thought of a 3D plaque for the wall with the faces of the two directors on it and a special text on the occasion of the anniversary.

We did some brainstorming and thought it would be nice to incorporate the company’s logo instead of a square or rectangular plaque.

This is how we ended up with a more triangular final design. We then started working with the photos we received from the two directors and made two portrait designs of them. We cut the faces from 6 mm thick wood with our laser machine.

The employees also wanted to add a text to the anniversary gift. To do this, we used the font of Triview’s corporate identity. Very nice for recognizability. We engraved the text in the wooden edge of the logo, which we made from 9 mm thick wood.

The numbers for the years under the faces are cut from wood of 6 mm thickness. Due to the different thicknesses of the wood, the faces and the two years lie in the logo, as it were. That gives a very nice depth effect.

The two colours used “light oak” and “rosewood” fit very well into the interior of the business premises. After discussing where the plaque would hang and the space there is for something on the wall, we came up with the size of 50 cm high and 50 cm wide.

See the end result here:

Anniversary gift 25 years of business

The gift from the employees was a very big surprise for the two owners: “Very cool! Very, very beautiful”. They were very happy with it. A wonderful personal gift for this special moment.

Gift 100th anniversary family business

The employees of construction company Roelofs & Haase were looking for a unique gift for the management on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the family business. On our website they had found a nice example of the Triview portrait and they were curious if we could make an broad version for them. The intention was to display the four generations in black and gold, so that the portrait matches the interior of the company.

We started making some designs of the gift. In mutual consultation, we have come to a wonderful end result. The four generations are depicted on it. Underneath the portraits, we engraved the names of all the board members and then executed them in gold. The specially designed logo on the occasion of the 100th anniversary has also been given a place on the portrait.

The wooden portrait is 110 cm wide and 35 cm high and comes in black and gold.

We received this reaction after the staff party where the portrait was handed over to the current director: “How incredibly cool!! We are very happy with it. Great work! Attached a few photos and a video of our anniversary gift, they were very happy with it! Thanks again!! “

The portrait has been given a nice place in the business premises of Roelofs & Haase. WE hope they will enjoy it for many years to come and when the next generation is at the helm in 25 years’ time, we would love to hear from you again for an update of the family portrait!

3D Logo company on the wall

Another great anniversary gift idea is to have your company’s logo carved out of wood in 3D. For example, hang the logo at the reception of your company or as a beautiful wall decoration in your office (garden).

To give you an idea of how it works, we have also carved our own logo out of wood. Below you can see our logo. We use this online on our own website, other sales channels and all our social media channels. And in the print version on cards, leaflets and of course our stationery.

We edited our logo in the digital drawing program for our laser machine. Then we started cutting the letters out of 9 mm thick wood. We cut out the white “P” and the white mount separately to create more depth in our logo. We attached these two parts to the orange-colored panel. This is a total of 18 mm thick.

3D logo on the wall

To approximate the original colors of our logo, we used three stain colors from our color palette, namely blackwash, whitewash and teak. Pretty successful, if we do say so ourselves! And to make it easy to hang the wooden logo on the wall, we have attached all parts to a white panel.

Your logo in 3D on the wall

If you would also like to have your logo carved out of wood, please send us your logo directly by email or contact us . We are happy to discuss your wishes and the possibilities with you.

You can choose from wood with all the colors of stain that you will find on our color palette. If you prefer to have it made in other colors, we can also use paint. The difference in the use of stain or paint is mainly in the visibility of the wood grains. You will always see these grains with stain and they usually disappear under paint. As a result, wood with stain always looks a bit more natural than wood with paint.

We can attach your logo to a wooden backplate, but if you prefer to put the individual parts directly on the wall, that is of course also possible. You can attach these parts directly to the wall using double-sided tape or mounting sealant/mounting adhesive. You’ll get a template included, so you know exactly where to attach which part to the wall. That is very easy to do.

Just take a look at these examples for inspiration. For example, we made the logo of WeKnowtice as a gift for their five-year anniversary. This is equipped with a stand, so that it can be placed on a cabinet.

And for the 100th anniversary of Timmerfabriek de Jong , we made this beautiful wooden gift from their logo.

Icons for the wall

In addition to your logo, you can also think of other distinctive symbols of your company.

A global distributor of life science ingredients, specializing in food, pharmaceuticals, personal care and pet nutrition, asked us to carve the four icons of their product groups out of wood. They wanted to hang them near the elevators, so that everyone who comes out of the elevator immediately sees these recognizable icons.

We received the bar below that they can find on their website.

In this bar, the icons are shown in white. Because they were also going to be placed on a white wall, we proposed to make them in the colors of the beam. It was a joint search for the right colors of paint, but we succeeded.

On the back of the four icons, we placed spacers to make the whole thing stand off the wall and create a floating effect. See the end result here.

icons on the wall

We received this response: “Everyone loves the icons! Thanks for a great job!”.

In-house design based on the company’s products

Of course, we can also create a custom design for you that completely suits your company and your products.

For the 30th anniversary of a Kärcher dealer who sells, rents, maintains and installs all kinds of cleaning systems, the employees wanted to offer the owners a special keepsake. They asked us to help them come up with an original gift for the wall in the company building. They themselves thought of the building, something with the products or the buses.

We received the logo designed especially for the company’s 30th anniversary and studied their website and product line. After some brainstorming together, we came up with the following design for their anniversary gift.

gift anniversary company

The base is a silhouette of a pressure washer made of rustic oak. We have engraved a photo of the company building with some parked company cars. We cut the specially designed logo for the 30th anniversary from rosewood and attached it to the pressure washer. Reaction after receipt: “Really beautiful!”.

Got excited?

Would you also like to have a personal portrait made as a gift for your company’s anniversary? Here you will find all the information about creatng a custom portrait. And here you will find many more examples (click on Company anniversary).

If you would like to brainstorm with us about your options, please feel free to contact us. We are happy to help you!

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