Wooden world map – 3D Easy 6 mm

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The wooden world map 3D Easy 6 mm consists of various separate islands and continents, each of which you place directly on the wall using double-sided tape. So with this world map you do not have to drill and also do not have to use mounting glue on your wall.

Because the world map is made of wood that is 6 mm thick, there is a shadow effect on the wall that changes during the day as the light in your house changes. This trendy wooden wall decoration is a great gift for travel enthusiasts and globetrotters!

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Easy mounting of the wooden world map 3D Easy 6 mm

The world map Easy is, as the name suggests, very easy to place on your wall. You’ll be provided with a full-size cardboard template, from which the continents and islands are cut. You hang this template with painter’s tape in the desired place on your wall. If you use a spirit level, you can immediately see if it hangs straight. Make sure that your wall is dust-free and degreased.

At the back of the wooden continents and islands we have already attached a very strong double-sided tape. All you have to do is remove the protective film and stick the parts in the cardboard template on your wall. When everything is hanging, remove the template and you can immediately enjoy your world map on the wall.

Note: never hang your world map above a heater or other heat source. This allows the glue of the double-sided tape to soften and then the card can come off.

Delete or move your world map Easy

If you want to remove the world map from your wall or move it in the future, you will basically no longer see any of the double-sided tape on the wall. However, it may be that if the quality of the wall or paint is poor, you may still take a piece of the wall with you. So keep that in mind when removing your card.

Double-sided tape cannot be used on all types of walls

Know that double-sided tape does not hold up so well on a wall with structure, such as spachtelputz or other lime walls. Even on walls where the paint peels off, double-sided tape is not suitable. Then it is better to use mounting glue to prevent the continents from coming off and coming off your wall. That would, of course, be a shame.

On walls that are wallpapered, smooth plastered, or painted smooth, double-sided tape is good to use. Are you unsure whether your wall is suitable for double-sided tape? Please contact us and we will help you further.

Available in multiple sizes

The wooden world map 3D Easy is available in the sizes 140 by 70 cm, 160 by 80 cm and 180 by 90 cm. The thickness of our XL wooden world map is 6 mm. It is made of poplar sheet material.

Color options for your wooden world map

You can get the world map 3D Easy in the colors rosewood, rustic oak, smoked oak, walnut, wenge and blackwash. Keep in mind that wood is a natural material and every wooden world map Easy therefore has its own unique pattern. You can also find the six colors in our color palette.

How do I determine which size best fits on my wall?

We are happy to help you choose the right size for your wall. If you have doubts between different sizes, take a picture of the wall on which you want to hang the world map. Make sure that you take this picture by standing directly in front of it (frontal) and make sure that the whole wall is in the picture. Send us this photo by email (several photos are also allowed) and mention the height and width of your wall in the mail. We will make a free photo impression of the different dimensions on your wall. This way you can immediately see which is the most beautiful in your interior.

Sustainable wood

Sustainability is very important to us. All our world maps are therefore made of poplar sheet material that comes from a sustainably managed forest. The wood we use is therefore equipped with the PEFC certificate. This is proof that the forest is managed in a sustainable way and that the forest continues to exist. New trees are being planted again.


If you have any questions about this wooden world map, please call us or contact us via email, chat or Messenger. We are happy to help you! You can also use the contact form to discuss your personal wishes.


140 x 70 cm 6 mm thick, 160 x 80 cm 6 mm thick, 180 x 90 cm 6 mm thick


Rosewood, Rustic oak, Smoked oak, Wenge, Walnut, Blackwash