Wooden zebra


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This wooden zebra really looks very nice on the wall of your (children’s) room! We made it of two layers of wood. This creates a very smart 3D effect in the wall decoration.

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Material of the wooden zebra

The wooden zebra is made of 6 mm thick poplar wooden sheet material. We always work excusively with wood that has the PEFC certification. This means that the wood used is harvested from a sustainably managed forest.

Colours of the zebra

The wooden zebra is painted in black and white. The wooden back panel is painted white, and the cutout zebralines are painted black. These two layers together make the distinct zebra pattern. Although you would expect that the black and white stripes would make the zebra stand out between the green and brown colours of the African savannah, the opposite is true. The stripes are used to cammouflage eachother from predators. After all, when a whole group of zebras huddle close to eachother, it is very difficult for a predator to pick out one prey out of the curtain of stripes.

Would you prefer another colour combination for your zebra, just because you can? Let us know by email, chat or telephone. We would love to make something creative especially for you.

Size of the wooden zebra.

The size of the zebra is standard 30 x 40 cm (12 by 16 inches). If you prefer to have another size, just contact us.


30 x 40 cm (12 by 16 inches)