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  • Natasha, USA, december 2020

    We love the map! Hope your business is going well.

  • Andy, United Kingdom, November 2020

    The map arrived and is now on the wall!! We are very pleased with it. Thank you

  • Julien, France, October 2020

    I finished the installation of the world map. My wife and me are verry happy with the result ! Like I told you, I’m sending you some pictures to let you see the result. The more difficult was to work at 3m up the floor and up the stairs. Thank you very much for your work.

  • Ashley, France, September 2020

    Bonjour je viens de poser ma carte elle est magnifique encore merci 👌🏾😊

  • Karen, Australia, September 2020

    Direct review: I have received it and its lovely. Thank you. It is exactly what I wanted. Cheers. And a 5 star review on Etsy: “Awesome!! Looks so amazing. Arrived promptly in the mail. Good communication from Bianca about when it was posted etc.”

  • Charlotte, England, August 2020

    It all arrived and much faster than I thought it would too! I absolutely love it thank you so much!! I would do a review with a photo but the photo just doesn’t do it justice at all. Thanks again!

  • Gayle, Australia, July 2020

    The service is fantastic but being in Australia hasn’t helped with distribution (corona delay). Did I tell you I saw one of your maps in a “Grand Designs” program with Kevin McCleod? He also made comment on it. Thank you so much for your excellent work. The parcel arrived in excellent condition and I’m sure my daughter will be thrilled with your work.

  • Winter, USA, May 2020

    Love love love! It’s just what we wanted and was easier than we thought to install!!

  • Jacky, France, April 2020

    The map arrived today in good condition & is absolutely lovely! The additional touch of the house symbol & personalization is wonderful, we love it!!! We looking forward to sharing the map with our family on our next visit south. I’m sure they will enjoy it as much as we do. 😊 All my best wishes, & looking forward to future purchases.

  • Joshua, United Kingdom, April 2020

    Hope you are keeping well in the current situation. I just wanted to share some photos of the islands you made now we’ve hung them on the wall. Thanks again I forgot how stunning they are!

  • Céline, France, March 2020

    It was quite hard to fix it on the wall, but we succeeded ! It’s perfect now Thank you

  • Melanie, Oostenrijk, maart 2020

    Vielen Vielen Dank für die wunderschöne Weltkarte. Wir lieben sie und werden sie bald in unserer neuen Küche montieren. Liebe Grüße

  • Jolyn, Singapore, March 2020

    Yes i love the world map, the magnet isn’t very strong, but it’s alright. 🙂

  • Joachim, Germany, March 2020

    I like it, everybody likes it. To fix it at the wall was not a nightmare but it was quite difficult I have to say and I lost Taiwan behind the bed.

  • Laila, France, January 2020

    Super carte , envoyé dans les temps . Merci

  • Wilton, France, January 2020

    Oui, j’ai bien reçu “en bon état” le tigre, il est tout à fait conforme à ce que je voulais ; j’ai juste rajouté un petit encadrement de couleur marron foncé pour lui donner un aspect plus fini.

  • Brad, USA, January 2020

    Yes we received it. It looks great. Thanks.

  • Claire, France, November 2019

    Thank you very much for this map!! It’s so beautiful! We have it in our living room ☺

  • Sanna, Finland, November 2019

    Thanks, I really like it. It was a little bit difficult to build but now it’s ready.
    My designer saw this world map first time and she loves it. I promise that she can take pics from my wall and tell about your company.

  • Heidi, USA, October 2019

    Very friendly and helpful! Timely service and great product. Thanks for a great hubby birthday gift ?

  • Kasia, USA, October 2019

    We love it! Still have some work to do with the decoration around it, but it’s the perfect piece for that wet bar and walkway! Thank you!!!

  • Daniela, USA, July 2019

    We finally finished the remodeling of our office and hanged the map. It looks pretty!!

  • Joshua and Jenna, Scotland, June 2019

    We have just received the islands and I don’t think I can put into words just how much I love them. They are absolutely beautiful. I can’t thank you enough for them. Thank you so much! Our (wedding) photographer took a photo of each of the islands. I’ve attached these for you, feel free to share away they were so lovely it would be shame for no one to see them. Thanks again for making them. We can’t wait to mount them on our living room wall now.

  • Frédéric, France, June 2019

    The map is fantastic ! C’est très joli ! In the attachment I send you a picture. Regards from France

  • Helen, Australia, June 2019

    Our map has arrived and it looks brilliant. I had a quick look in the box, but haven’t fully unpacked it yet. It is a gift for my husband and he was very pleased with it. Now we just have to get it up on the wall successfully. I can’t wait for that to happen. Thank you for this memorable gift!

  • Deniz, Switzerland, May 2019

    The Map arrived yesterday! It looks so cool. Thank you so much for that. I will recommend you everyone.

  • Claudio, Italy, May 2019

    Finally we putted it on the wall this evening. It’s beautiful. Thanks a lot

  • Andy, England, April 2019

    Yes received the world map, thanks very much. Looks really good.

  • Rose, USA, March 2019

    Love it! It’s a beautiful piece in my home.

  • Emeline, France, February 2019

    Merci pour l’intérêt que vous portez à ma commande. Je suis très satisfaite. Merci!

  • Alyssa, USA, January 2019

    Hi! I love the map!!!! It was so easy to hang and looks amazing. Thank you so much!

  • Michelle, USA, January 2019

    The map is absolutely gorgeous! The template to get it on the wall was well done. We did have to sand the openings for the spacers on a couple of them so they didn’t fit quite so tightly. We received it earlier than the anticipated arrival date as well. Great company to work with!

  • Désirée, Australia, December 2018

    Yes, I have received it but have not hung it up as yet. I will endeavour to do it soon and hope it will work well. The pieces look great. Done it….. and it looks great. I used the strongest double sided tape we have here – and I hope this will last. First I glued the spacers on the land pieces. And then I took double sided tape (not the foam one for mirrors but an indoor and outdoor one that is like a double sided duct tape). So far so good.

  • Christophe, France, December 2018

    Yes, I have my world map! I installed it two weeks ago, and i find it very nice!! Thank you very much, it’s perfect.

  • Daniel, Bulgaria, November 2018

    You will see the map mounted. It was easy with the templates provided. Once again thank you, we love it. When we need something more, we will get back to you.

  • Bridie, England, October 2018

    We have received the map, thank you! It looks lovely on our wall ? Here you go ?

  • Frances, England, October 2018

    We absolutely love it. Many people ask where we have got it from so have been passing on your details. We put little coloured stickers on to represent the countries we have visited. Helps plan our next adventures. It looks amazing on our wall. Thank you

  • Peter, England, October 2018

    Yes I received the map and I am very pleased with it. Thank you.

  • Christelle, Switzerland, October 2018

    Yes I received it and I love it!!! really pretty! thank you again 🙂

  • Katie, USA, September 2018

    Thanks for checking in! We received it and it looks wonderful. I’m anxious to get it up so we can enjoy it and so that others can see it!

  • Igor, Czech Republic, September 2018

    Good evening! Thank you very much, today I received your wooden card, very beautiful! Special thanks for the postcard, very nice.

  • Carine, France, August 2018

    Cette mappemonde est juste magnifique. J’ai choisi la couleur teak et le rendu est vraiment superbe.

  • Vanessa, Portugal, augustus 2018

    Perfect. Great quality. Wood is great, shipped and packaged with a lot of care and with all the instructions to put it right on the wall. The instructions were clear and easy. Really happy

  • Darren, England, August 2018

    It’s brilliant thanks!

  • Sandra, France, August 2018

    We received the world map a month ago. We love it!!! It seems so good in a black wall in the living room.

  • Debbie, USA, August 2018

    The map is beautiful and I appreciate the customization. I can’t wait to hang it in our family room. It will be a fun yet dramatic wall decoration. Here is the map on our wall. Looks amazing!

  • Tia, England, July 2018

    Thank you so much for the magnetic world map, it arrived today and looks great! We can’t wait to put it on the wall 😊

  • Jania, USA, July 2018

    @paspartoet.nl 3D Map is finally up! Can you see how happy it makes me?! 🤗 #world #traveldreams #travel #map Thanks for helping love!

  • Virginie, Canada, June 2018

    We have received the map this week. All the pieces are in good condition and it seems just perfect 🙂 I am looking forward to install it on the wall this weekend! Thank you very much.

  • Gokhan, Duitsland, juni 2018

    We have received the World map and fixed it onto our wall. There were no problems in delivery and installation. We fixed it onto our wall with adhesive tape and so far it has worked well. It looks great and we like it. Thank you for the follow up.

  • John, USA, June 2018

    We hung the map on the wall at our church and it looks great. We have had many positive comments about it. I have attached a photo of the finished work. Thank you for all of your help on making this project a wonderful addition in our church.

  • Taree, Canada, May 2018

    We received the map and it is just what we hoped for. It arrived in excellent condition and it is the perfect feature for our office entrance. I have attached a photo for you.

  • Roby, Luxembourg, April 2018

    Our map arrived this morning, everthing worked well. Perfect service, thank you very much for your support all the way long. I have attached some pictures. Now we can start to explore the world ?

  • Austin, USA, April 2018

    We received the XL World Map this last Friday in the mail. It is amazing! No damages during shipping. We are installing today.
    Thanks so much for processing the order. We love it!

  • Christophe, France, March 2018

    Je suis très content de ma map monde c’est exactement ce que je voulais , merci beaucoup! Bonne continuation.

  • Elisabeth, Netherlands, March 2018

    Everyone loves the icons! Thanks for a great job!

  • Amelie, Germany, March 2018

    I received the map and it is perfect. It looks really great on the wall. Thanks a lot!

  • Domonique, USA, March 2018

    We received the map. It was very well cut and it looks beautiful on our wall. We attached an LED lighting system behind it, so it looks absolutely amazing. Thank you so much! Attached is a picture with a couple different color light settings for the map.

  • Alison, USA, March 2018

    I received my map in perfect condition. It was sooo beautiful. My client loved it so very much. Thank you!! I’ll order from you again.

  • Quentin, Belgium, March 2018

    Yes we received well the map! It is perfect. Thanks a lot.

  • Florian, Germany, February 2018

    The map is great! Many Thanks!!

  • Cheryl, USA, January 2018

    We love our map! Here is a photo of it.

  • Jim, Australia, January 2018

    Beautifully constructed world map. Delivered within a very reasonable timeframe ( considering the length of the world it travelled to us ) with fantastic follow up and lovely note from its creator, contained within the parcel. Map takes pride of place on our living room wall.

  • Anita, England, January 2018

    It is simply amazing!!!!! We can’t stop looking at it!

  • Tiziana and Angelos, Germany, January 2018

    Finally we had the time to put the map on the wall. Now we send you some new sample pictures for your websites. The colour is great.
    Thank you very much for your kind contact.

  • Markus, Germany, January 2018

    Delivery in time, great and fast E-mail support. The Map at the Wall looks beautiful!!

  • Amrita, Canada, January 2018

    I just received the map. Thank you!

  • Manon, France, December 2017

    I just received the map, it is wonderful! I can’t wait to see it on the wall! Thank you so much, a great Christmas present 😉

  • Serman Brands, USA, November 2017

    Looks amazing in our office. We love the products and its very high quality. Great customer service. Thank you!

  • Barbara, Italy, November 2017

    We received the map, it is amazing, we love it! Many thanks

  • Bridget, USA, November 2017

    Ordered the rosewood stained XL map. It looks amazing on our wall. Be careful to put the wall mount pieces exactly in the center of their marks or it won’t fit. One of the euroasia mounts is slightly off so it doesnt sit perfectly but you can’t tell and still holding up well. We’re very very happy with it. It’s wonderful. Met all of our expectations. Thank you!

  • Fiona, England, October 2017

    I did receive it, and it’s exactly as I wanted. I finally got it up last week and am really pleased with how it looks – please see attached image. Many thanks.

  • Orest, Belgium, October 2017

    Everything is fine. Great map!

  • Diana, Austria, October 2017

    We have received the world map and it looks fantastic!

  • Achim, Germany, September 2017

    Thank you very much for your quick delivery. We really do like the wooden map – it’s perfect. Attached please find a photo of the wooden map at our offices. We like it very much !!

  • Emily, USA, September 2017

    We received the world map a week or two ago, and it looks great! We’ve haven’t had time to install it (so I may have a question or two then), but other than that, I think it looks perfect.Thanks for your work!

  • Gundel, Germany, September 2017

    The map has arrived on time to decorate our new office with this for the launch party.
    It was a bit of a hassle to bring it to the wall, but now that it´s on it looks GREAT!
    Thanks so much!

  • Miriam, Germany, September 2017

    I received the map and it’s great! Thank you!

  • Paul, USA, September 2017

    We received the piece, followed the instructions, and were very pleased with the results. Thank you for making this (giraffe), and for the follow-up!

  • Dominik, Germany, August 2017

    The world map just arrived and looks fantastic 🙂 Thanks for the quick production and the excellent customer service.

  • Ricardo, Portugal, August 2017

    We well received the map, it’s really beautiful. We attached the photo of the map in our lounge, the OMNI Handling VIP Lounge at Lisbon International Airport. Thank you again for the great work.

  • Sol & Pelle, Denmark, August 2017

    The parcel has arrived and everything is in order. The map is now hanging neatly on our wall :).
    Must say that we were pleasantly surprised to find that even screws and rawplugs were included in the package. Nice touch!

  • Cédric, Belgium, August 2017

    Product exactly as described. Very well manifactured. SUPERB communication and excellent shipping. Would definitely recommend! Thanks again!

  • Harriet, England, August 2017

    Just put up my map- love it thank you. Excellent service and excellent quality.

  • Hallie, USA, July 2017

    Thought you may enjoy ?

  • Nina, Germany, July 2017

    We are very happy with the map and it looks great. Here you have the pictures of the end result, the beautiful worldmap 🙂
    Thanks again!

  • Julie, USA, June 2017

    We Love the world map!!! Perfect in our guest bedroom… Thank You.

  • Gaylene, United States, May 2017

    We FINALLY got our wall done. I have received so many compliments and by far it is my favorite wall throughout our whole church building.

  • Russell, England, May 2017

    We received the map and have it mounted on the wall. Very happy with it. Thank you very much.

  • Anna and Joao, Switzerland, April 2017

    We received our map even faster than we expected. Thank you for that! It took some time for us to put it on the wall but in the end the result was amazing. It perfectly fit in our living room. As a proof I attache a picture of it. Thank you for it!

  • Antonino and Cecile, Italy, April 2017

    Yes we got the map and it is perfect! exactly like we wanted it….thanks a lot!

  • Bernhard, Austria, April 2017

    Today we received the worldmap. It looks awesome. Thank you soooo much!! And thank you for the nice card.
    We installed it on a backpanel with led-lights. The world map is really great!! We love it.

  • Océane, France, March 2017

    The wood map is fabulous! It looks perfect in my parisian flat, and everyone loves it. The quality of the map is very good, and it is actually quite easy to put on the wall. Thanks a lot Bianca for all your advices, and for being so helpful and friendly.

  • Yan, USA, March 2017

    I did receive the XXL world map and it looks amazing. See pic attached. Thanks again for the excellent work! Looks great in my office. Great focal point for an office!

  • Deeanne, Australia, March 2017

    I received it and I love it!!!!!! Thank you so much ?

  • Amy, Canada, March 2017

    We have received the map and it is hanging in the living room. We are very pleased with it 🙂 Thank you

  • Jessica, Canada, March 2017

    I received the map and everything is fantastic! Thank you 🙂

  • Chad, USA, March 2017

    Took while to finally get around to installing it, but we love it! Thanks!

  • Leda, USA, March 2017

    It came out perfectly! It’s beautiful and we have received so many wonderful comments from everyone. Thank you very much! We love it!

  • Natalie, Netherlands, April 2017

    Looks great and excellent service and communication throughout. Here the final pictures. I’m really happy with the result and the effect of the light. Thanks so much for the beautiful product and good service.

  • Gerald, Austria, March 2017

    The world map has arrived uninjured with me. She is beautiful and we will surely have lots of fun with it, thank you.

  • Desiree, Switzerland, February 2017

    The map is very beautiful and fits perfect 🙂 Thank you.

  • Jana, Germany, February 2017

    Wow, thank you for the fast delivery. That is great. The map is wonderful. I will send you the picture in March. The Birthday-boy will install the LEDs himself. I was worried that the card was too big, but it is all perfect. There would be even enough space for a larger map.
    I’m totally happy about the gift and hope the birthday boy will also find good the map.Thank you for all.

  • Krystal, USA, February 2017

    My husband and I fell in love with this map as soon as we both had seen it! Bianca made the process so easy and because of other reviews I trusted her judgement on what would look best. I sent a picture of our foyer and we were provided mock ups regarding sizing, borders or no borders; we went with the color suggested. We were kept informed every step of the way. So happy we would thank you to create such a beauty for our home. Thank you for making it so easy! My in-laws have been over since it was hung and absolutely LOVED the map. Thank you again for making this process so easy and for making such a beautiful product!

  • Torsten, Germany, February 2017

    I received my world map on February 11th. The world map is perfect many thanks.

  • Coco, Canada, February 2017

    I installed the map – the map looks good! The overall installation is easy, but the smaller pieces, #1, 2 and 4 are harder to fix them on wall. It took longer to install for the smaller pieces. Thank you!

  • Melissa, Germany, January 2017

    The worldcard just arrived and we are very happy with it. Thank you very much.

  • Jessica, Belgium, January 2017

    Really thank you for the map, it is really perfect! The color is perfect, exactly what I wished…
    Here is a picture 😊

  • Brittany, USA, January 2017

    Hello, yes we received it and absolutely love it. Thank you!

  • Xavier, Spain, January 2017

    The worldmap is perfect for our kitchen wall 🙂 it’s so beautifull!!!!! Look the photos attached 🙂
    Now we are waiting for a professional photgrapher…we will send you his photographs too.
    Thank you very much!!!!

  • Marco, Italy, December 2016

    My brother received the map and he appreciated it a lot 🙂 . Thank you very much for your fast delivery.

  • Lize, Australia, December 2016

    I received my parcel today and I am in love, it is amazing!!!!!!!!! Thank you so so much.

  • Cheryl, USA, December 2016

    I wanted to send you a picture of our map. It’s the gray wash with boarders that you recently sent to the USA. Hanging it was a fun family project on a snowy weekend. It looks fantastic and really adds some interest to the office. Thank you for all of your attention to detail and providing us with such a great piece of art.

  • Maggie, Hong Kong, December 2016

    Well received. Very nice one. Thank you and happy new year.

  • Pauli, Finland, December 2016

    Ordered the item with dark oak background and rosewood maps. It looks very nice! As a bonus the piece of wood where the maps had been cut from was also included. Excellent customer service and quick communication. Highly recommended.

  • Lauren, USA, November 2016

    The map is beautiful. Because we hope to transport it to our next home as well, we did not use the screw mount for the larger pieces, which left us with a very difficult time getting the pieces to stick. Finally, after a few days and hours, it wasn’t construction adhesive, but Krazy Glue & Gorilla Glue that did the trick. It fits the space perfect & is the talking point of our living room. EVERYONE has commented on it! Thanks so much for making our home much homier 🙂

  • Jacopo, Italy, November 2016

    I send you the pictures of the world map finally placed! I really like it! Thank you again for all the support! Maybe we’ll keep again in touch! Ciao!

  • Darci, USA, October 2016

    It is now up in our offices and looks great! Thank you!

  • Daniela, Germany, October 2016

    I received the parcel. All went well. The map looks great on the wall. Thank you so much.

  • Irmarie, Puerto Rico, October 2016

    Thank you very much for making our beautiful Puerto Rico!! My son is really excited and happy with his map.

  • Nadège, France, September 2016

    Un achat parfait, pour l’anniversaire de mon mari! lui qui cherchait une carte du monde pas comme les autres, le voilà ravi! Bianca est vraiment très sympa, à l’écoute de nos attentes et besoins. Elle se rend très disponible, et cela fait beaucoup de bien, de contaster qu’elle aide et conseille! Le travail reçu est très professionnel, extrèmement précis et bien fait! la colis, l’emballage: RIEN A DIRE, parfait! encore merci pour tout!

  • Jacqui, United Kingdom, July 2016

    Yes it looks great. We had a little trouble with Australia……as it was a larger piece we felt it needed two spacers instead of one but other than that we were very happy with the end result. Many thanks.

  • Paeton, USA, July 2016

    We did receive the map and it is everything we expected! Thank you so much for everything. We could not be happier.

  • Barbara, Austria, June 2016

    Just amazing map! Very professional wooden map! You can choose your favorite wood and size too. Map is packed very good. Support is very friendly and helpful! Would buy it again! :-))

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