Wooden world maps

Wooden world maps to decorate your wall, available in different designs, sizes and colours.

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For all globetrotters, travel enthusiasts and citizens of the world, our wooden world map is of course a must have to decorate your wall. With this wooden wall decoration you can lookup and show where you have traveled to and may want to go in the future. And, of course, a wooden world map on your wall always provides fun conversation when you have visitors.

Our range of wooden world maps has expanded considerably in recent years. The world map XL that you attach to the wall with spacers for a floating effect, is a real eye-catcher in your interior and still is a bestseller. Soon the world map with engraved country borders followed. Both maps are available in many wood stains and in different sizes.

Because we received a lot of requests for world maps on which you can indicate where you’ve been or ever want to go, we introduced our magnetic wooden world map XL. It is available in various colours and sizes. We also have a version of this magnetic world map with engraved country borders available. If you would like a magnetic world map in your own favorite color, let us know. We’ll be pleased to look at the possibilities with you.

If you prefer not to drill into or glue to your wall, you can also choose the wooden world map on a wood panel. You can simply hang it on your wall like a picture frame.

Made from PEFC certified wood

The international PEFC label guarantees that the wood comes from a sustainably managed forest and that the forest is preserved. You always order a world map made of wood with this certification label. We make our world maps of 9 mm thick poplar sheet material.

The large wooden world map XL is available in different sizes

You can choose from the following sizes: 140 x 70 cm (≈ 55 x 28 in), 160 x 80 cm(≈ 63 x 32 in), 180 x 90 cm (≈ 71 x 36 in) or 230 x 115 cm (≈ 91 x 46 in). If you want a different size, please contact us. Customization is always an option.

Available in many colours

On our colour palette you will find the many wood stains we offer. Such as oak, pine, rosewood, teak, mahogany and also modern colours such as blackwash and greywash. There is always a colour that fits perfectly in your interior, from classic to robust, or rural to industrial. If you cannot choose between colours, please let us know. We are happy to help you choose the most suited colour to fit your interior style.

Our magnetic world maps are painted in solid colours. Our standard colours are black, white and silver. If you prefer a different color, choose the “own color” option and let us know what color you want. We then have this colour blended for you and paint the world map in your favorite colour.

Easy installation of the wooden world maps

Mounting the wooden world maps XL is made easy for everyone by using the included full-size template. The installation instructions printed on it are very clear and easy to follow. To create a floating effect on the wall, the world map is mounted on spacers about 1 cm thick. You can choose to screw these spacers or attach them to your wall by using mounting kit or glue. On the spacers you attach the individual continents and islands with the help of mounting kit or glue. On the product pages of the world maps you will find more details about installing your world map in the “FAQs”.

When you think: “That’s all too much trouble” then of course you can also go for the quick solution: leave out the spacers and attach the parts of the world map directly to your wall with the help of double-sided tape. Make sure you have a smooth wall or wallpaper. With walls with structure, the double-sided tape will not hold well. Then opt for mounting kit or glue to prevent the parts from falling down.

Frequently asked questions

How do I mount the wooden worldmap onto the wall?

Along with your world map you receive a live-sized poster with full instructions on how to attach all the various items onto the wall.

You place the poster to the wall with masking tape where you want your world map to be. You can position the poster using a level if needed. Each continent and island has markings on which the provided spacers need to be attached to the wall. The markings have already been cut into the poster. You don’t have to determine by yourself where every part goes.

Along with the world map you receive a set of spacers in different sizes. You can either screw the larger spacers onto the wall or use a mounting adhesive. This works fine on smooth surface walls or wall paper. The smaller parts are glued onto the wall with adhesive. Once glued, let the spacers dry well before sticking the continents and islands onto them with mounting adhesive.

TIP 1: You can use masking tape to support and hold in place the parts whilst letting the adhesive dry. When all the adhesive is fully hardened, you can remove the masking tape.

TIP 2: It is also possible to mount the world map without the spacers. Simply apply the adhesive onto the back of each part and directly attach it to the wall. On a smooth surface wall, you can also apply double sided sticky tape. This is easy to remove when replacing or removing the world map, but it is less stable than mounting adhesive and therefore not recommended on more structured wall surfaces.

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How can I remount the world map when moving or refurbishing?

It is of course possible to remove or replace the world map when moving to another home, or redecorating the wall, for example. Carefully remove the continents and islands by prying them gently off the wall. Should spacers break in the process, it is always possible to reorder new ones with us. It is also possible to reorder a new poster with instructions, which may come in handy when reattaching the world map onto the new wall. Please feel free to contact us for this.

How do I interpret the size of the wooden world map?

The measurements of the world maps are proportionate: width x height is 2 x 1. These are measured from the easternmost point of Alaska to the westernmost point of New Zealand and from the northernmost point of Greenland to the southernmost point of South America.

How do I determine which size best fits on my wall?

We are happy to help you choose the right size for your wall. If you have doubts between different sizes, take a picture of the wall on which you want to hang the world map. Make sure that you take this picture by standing directly in front of it (frontal) and make sure that the whole wall is in the picture. Send us this photo by email (several photos are also allowed) and mention the height and width of your wall in the mail. We will make a free photo impression of the different dimensions on your wall. This way you can immediately see which is the most beautiful in your interior.

I have doubts about the right colour. Can you help me choose the right colour for my world map?

We are happy to help you choose your wooden world map. Email us a picture of the wall on which you want to hang the world map and some pictures of your interior. Think of the colour of your floor and furniture. The best result is when you take the pictures in daylight. Indicate what colours you’re thinking about. We make a free photo impression for you of different colour world maps on your wall. This way you can immediately see which is the most beautiful in your interior. If you also mention the height of your wall, we can also scale the world map in terms of size.

Of course, you can always receive free colour samples. Send an email with your requested colours and your address details and we are happy to send them.

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