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In our product category wooden “skylines” you will find skylines of The Hague, Den Bosch, Nijmegen and Rotterdam. On these wooden skylines you will see the most distinctive buildings and structures of your favorite city. They form a unique design for your wall and are a real eye-catcher in your home. A skyline on the wall always provides great conversation when you have visitors.

As our company is situated in The Hague, we started with the skyline of The Hague. Soon we designed skylines of several other Dutch cities and there is still plenty to expand on our range. Let us know if you miss your favorite city. We’d love to design it for you.

Easy attachment of your wooden skyline to the wall

Putting up the wooden skylines is very easy. We already have a wooden support beam attached to the back. This support beam is placed on a crossbar that you attach to the wall by drilling two holes. If you prefer not to drill into your wall, you can also stick the crossbar on the wall with mounting kit or glue. At both ends on the back of the skylines you will also find two round spacers of about 1 cm thickness. These create a floating effect on your wall and provide a nice shadow effect throughout the day. You can also secure these two spacers with glue, but you don’t necessarily have to.

Available in many colors

The wooden skylines come in many different wood stains and also in modern blackwash, greywash and whitewash. So there is always one that fits in your interior whether it is classic, rural or very sleek and industrial. In our colour palette you will find the options. Do you have another idea of your own? Let us know. We’ll be pleased to look at the possibilities with you.

Dimensions of the wooden skylines

The wooden skylines are standard 120 cm (≈47 in) wide. The height can vary due to the different buildings in a city. The product page of each skyline contains the sizes. If you want a different size, please contact us. Then we would like to look at the possibilities together with you.

Custom made skylines: design your own wooden skyline together with us

When you really want to surprise someone for a birthday or anniversary, a unique design of your wooden skyline is a great gift! Together with you we can create a design of his or her town or village with the buildings that are of value to the recipient of the gift. Think of their own home, the sports club building, a church, other striking buildings or statues and the like. Of course, we can also deliver this skyline in the many colors, which you can find on our color palette.

To give you an idea of how this could look like, below you will find some examples: the skylines of Egmond aan Zee and Terheijden. Also, you see a wooden skyline of a combination of towns and places which in this case are very important in the life of the customer, like the mill and the watertower of Aalsmeer, a piece of Amsterdam with a canal and the Westertoren, the house for the poor and the lighthouse of Vlieland. If you like it, we can also engrave the name of the city or village or your own personal message.

Wooden skyline of Egmond aan Zee
Wooden skyline of Terheijden
Design your own wooden skyline


Check here for some cool reviews about our world maps.



"Graag laat ik jullie weten dat het pakket met de skyline vandaag bezorgd is én aan de muur hangt. Ik ben er blij mee. Ook heel leuk jullie persoonlijke kaartje in het pakket. Hartelijk dank voor de goede zorgen."

houten wereldkaart palissander

"We hebben m net opgehangen; zijn er heel blij mee :)) Nogmaals dank voor alle hulp 🙂!"

houten wereldkaart palissander

Margien & Bram
"De skyline heeft een prima plek gekregen en wij zijn er heel tevreden mee.!"

houten wereldkaart palissander

"We zijn erg blij met de muur decoratie, wat het nog leuker maakt is het handgeschreven kaartje erg leuk. In de bijlage heb ik een foto van de skyline. Misschien ter inspiratie en ideeën bus hebben wij zelf een led snoertje op batterij toegevoegd. Wij vinden het mooi. "

houten wereldkaart palissander

Henk & Jeanette
"Hangt!!! Niet letten op het draad en de wand gaat nog geverfd worden (in mei pas) maar superblij mee! Er zit een led-strip achter. Prachtig effect. Wij vinden hem echt prachtig zo!!! "

houten wereldkaart palissander

"De skyline hangt er mooi bij! Ik had ‘m wel wat groter/hoger verwacht, wist dat ie 1.20 breed was maar op de afbeelding oogt ie hoger, is een beetje ielig zo! Maar dat neemt niet weg dat we er wel blij mee zijn! 😊 "

houten wereldkaart palissander

Marie Louise
Cadeau voor echtgenoot: "Hij is er super blij mee. Krijgen van heel veel mensen mooie reacties. Hier de foto dat hij hangt. Hij is echt super vet geworden. Heel leuk om alle reacties te horen van vrienden die binnen komen. Dus het was/is een geslaagd cadeau. Heel erg bedankt nog voor de geweldige service. "

Skyline Den Bosch
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