portret van 2 dochters 1
portret kleindochter parijs 1
portret jong paar 1
wereldkaart landgrenzen rustiek eiken
wereldkaart landgrenzen blackwash
wereldkaart europa detail
zebra close up frontaal

Laser cut wooden portraits and wall decorations

At Paspartoet you order original wooden wall decoration for your home. Also, when you are looking for original wall decoration for your home you can contact us. In our webshop you will find various types of wooden world maps,country maps, skylines, animals and beautiful children’s room decorations. In addition, your custom wishes are always possible. If you have a special wish or an idea of your own, please let us know. We are very happy to discuss the possibilities with you.

Even if you are looking for a unique and very personal gift for a special occasion, we can deliver. Think, for example, of a wooden portrait of the children or grandchildren as a gift for grandma and grandpa. Surprise your partner with a wooden portrait made based on your most beautiful wedding photo as a gift for your first or umpteenth wedding day. Emotions guaranteed! Or give a bridal couple a very personal and original gift. And what do you think of a special gift at a birth or anniversary?

Discover our webshop filled with wooden wall decorations

In our webshop you will find original wooden wall decorations for in your own home or to give to someone as a gift. So if you are looking for something special for the wall in your living room, bedroom, hallway or children’s room, feel free to look around. To make the search easy, we have grouped our products into different categories. Here you can read more about the different products. Another fact: because we make all products ourselves, we can also personalize them for you. For example, do you want to have your place of residence included on the map of the Netherlands? Let us know and we will add your city or village for you.

Wooden world maps in various sizes and colours. With or without engraved country borders. Magnetic versions also available.

€229.00 – €419.00

A variety of wooden animals for on your wall. Also available in other colours upon request. Please contact us for that.

€79.00 – €299.00

Unique wooden Christmas decorations, individual christmas balls, a tree topper and a complete set. Also unique wooden Christmas cards.

€3.50 – €79.00

Wooden country maps in different colors and with engraved regional borders. Other dimensions and countries are also possible.

€109.00 – €179.00

Original wooden name boards for on the door or wall of your children’s bedroom. In many designs. It’s a perfect baby shower gift.

€59.00 – €99.00

Wooden skylines in various colours. Is your favorite city not featured? Please contact us. We’d love to design it for you.


Wooden formula 1 race tracks for on the wall. Must have for Formula 1 fans!


A selection of our wooden portraits

Original gifts

What do you give someone who already has everything? Or how do you genuinely surprise someone? Then think of a very personal gift. We have been making portraits of wood for almost twenty years as a gift, for example for weddings or a special birthdays. We do this based on one or more photos that you provide us with. We use this to create a digital design of the people who will be on the portrait. When we finallised the design, we always discuss the result with you to see if the portraitees are fully recognisable for you. Only then will we cut the portrait out of wood for you with a laser machine and finish them in the colors you want. A wooden portrait is therefore always specially designed and made for you and is always a unique gift.

Check out these beautiful examples.

Admire more portraits

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