Payment Methods

In our webshop your payment is always secured.
We work with the SSL protocol where your data is sent encrypted, just like you are used to with your bank.

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After you have chosen IDEAL as payment method, select your own bank. The actual payment will then take place in the familiar environment of your bank’s website. In this environment, the bank guarantees safety. Buyer and seller are assured of a transparent transaction, with no hidden costs. Only avaiable for bank account holders in the Netherlands.


Bank Contact/Mister Cash

Mister Cash uses a physical card linked to credit on a Belgian bank account. The card can be used both on and offline to pay with. Payments via Mister Cash are guaranteed and confirmed immediately. That’s why it’s ideal for a web store. Mister Cash is the payment method for Belgian consumers. With more than 1 billion payments per year, Mister Cash is by far the most popular way of payment in Belgium.

Prepayment via bank transfer

Payment by bank transfer is free for individuals within Europe. However, you should keep in mind that banks usually need a few days to process a payment order. This means that the delivery will also take a few days.


PayPal allows you to quickly and easily transfer and receive money online. It is an ideal payment method to transfer (also internationally) money to family members, friends and webshops.


Paying with Billink works very easily. You receive your orders at your home and you pay what you want to keep afterwards. No hassle with pre-paying or waiting for return money. On behalf of Billink you will receive an invoice which you can pay within 14 days. It’s so convenient! For the use of Billink you pay €2.50.

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Sofort Banking

The most popular payment method in Germany, quickly and securely. You will receive a payment confirmation immediately. This payment method is free.

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